[LMB] OT: Attention all cooks: looking for a bread recipe NOTusing a bread machine

Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Mon Aug 24 17:46:35 BST 2009

My mother made bread every week for years and years.  She always used
the same recipe which had:
All purpose flour
Dried milk

I will find the recipe at home and post it tomorrow.  It makes excellent
plain white sandwich bread.


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> > I tend to go to recipe books for most
> > of my bread recipes (I picked up a really neat one at 
> Barnes & Noble 
> > for $5.)
> Tried that already, with all the cookbooks I already have, 
> including my copy of the Family Cookbook.  I actually have 
> over a hundred recipes for fancy breads of various types, but 
> what I want is PLAIN bread.  SANDWICH bread.  ORDINARY bread. 
>  Dessert bread, savoury breads, fruit loaves, I wouldn't have 
> a problem.  The stuff you buy for $2.50 from the supermarket, 
> not a whisper.
> > However, if you want to browse... check out the Food Network. They 
> > list recipes from many shows, with over 1,000 for bread:
> Did that, found ONE after refining the search three times and 
> then clicking on through three 20-recipe pages.  As I said - 
> I do not want fancy breads, I want PLAIN bread!
> I know, most people don't want to make what they can buy so 
> cheaply, but I want to at least *try*.  I've heard so many 
> stories of how my grandfather made really good bread (to the 
> point where the neighbours used to regularly ask him for his 
> breadmaking services) that I want to try to do it too.  
> (I think this was the same impulse that led me to try making 
> American biscuits.  The one friend I have who actually has 
> previously eaten American biscuits tried one, pronounced it 
> 'good' and then promptly went on to eat two more, so I want 
> to keep going with baking.)
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