[LMB] An ACC question

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Wed Aug 26 18:24:35 BST 2009

> what does anyone else think of this counterpoint? Dramatically, does it 
> work for you?
> -becca

It does, but then I have a very strong visual image of the whole bug butter 
fight scene in my head, which I suspect helps.  I like the cutting back and 
forth, too.  And the description of Roic <g>.

The last bit, in the foyer of Vorkosigan House, where Miles shuts up the 
entire crowd with his presence (as opposed to his showing up, if that makes 
any sense) reminds me very strongly of the ending of one of my favorite 
comic movies, What's Up, Doc? where everyone is in the courtroom babbling, 
and the judge cuts through it all, and Barbra Streisand looks up from where 
she's been hiding and says, "Daddy?"

I don't normally like slapstick (which the conclusions of these scenes 
isn't, really), but both of these scenes work for me.  In spades.


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