[LMB] An ACC question

Zivya A zivya_a at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 19:36:05 BST 2009

I've been re-reading ACC, and one interesting thing about the structure of the ending struck me. I've never liked the butterbug fight sequences, and I think I've finally figured out why, and why some people might like them. Yes, they're humorous... but in a slapstick sort of way, which to my mind makes a poor counterpoint for the drama going on with Nikki...
what does anyone else think of this counterpoint? Dramatically, does it work for you? 



it works for me.  even though it -is- slapstick, there is a serious undercurrent:  if enrique goes to jail, mark will react... how?  and how will kareen (and her parents!) react to mark's possible melt-down?

on the other hand, there is a very funny undercurrent with nikki's uncle trying to steal him with non-cooperative witnesses

so yes, it works for me

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