[LMB] OT: The Case of the Sherlock Holmes Romance

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I put up the question of Watson's account of Holmes' emotional life post-Irene on the Laurie King forums (no mention of any strange neurology) and simply asked "Was this the reaction of a young man who's been very badly hurt? Or what? 


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> [Various on Sherlock Holmes' "personality quirks"]
> Holmes is without question eccentric, but diagnosing someone you never 
> met (APA guidelines) is only slightly more off-base than diagnosing 
> someone who, pardon me all players of The Great Game, never existed.
> Holmes is, without doubt, a tad bent. But until we actually have 
> meaningful diagnoses for real-life people, as opposed to "Autistic 
> Spectrum Disorders" and other worthless characterizations, we might be 
> better off just giving a tip of the hat to all functional, but eccentric 
> persons.
> Certainly, there are none of us, I mean none of them, on this list.
> Alex H
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