[LMB] OT: - In hospital

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Thu Jan 1 00:59:45 GMT 2009

> Thanks everyone for prayers and good wishes. I'm home safe and sound.


> I feel somewhat embarrassed for calling 911 when it was not a heart
> attack but everyone on my case at the hospital told me that I did
> exactly the right thing.

I called 911 the night of my 48th birthday with severe pain, which turned 
out to be a gall bladder attack (discovered *after* they'd run me through 
the wringer thinking it was a heart attack).  I feel your embarrassment <g>. 
I got told exactly the same thing you did, both by the nurse on the phone 
line at my HMO, who had to talk me into calling 911, and by everyone I came 
into contact with that night.

Somehow it didn't lessen my embarrassment, though.  But at least 
embarrassment won't possibly kill me.


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