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M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 00:28:06 GMT 2009

Raye brings up the topic of dystopic Westerns, and I say: Oh-ho, so that explains a lot. "The Western" is not really my genre, and I haven't read much at all. A couple of Zane Greys or Louis L'amours that I could have taken or left, and then a little Annie Proulx and some Louise Erdrich (if she counts). These two are on the leading edge of a new kind of Western, I think.

Romance in SF: (-: No, no, not a strong ROMANTIC vein, but the Love Interest has always been a pretty strong . . . theme? plot device? . . . in classic SF, even if the boys didn't really know what to do with the girls. So, I thought it might be a short leap to include a well-done romance in the plot.

Of course, you still need to fulfill the requirements of good SF or good fantasy. And I think you need an exceptional storyteller to juggle plot, science bits, love stories and other human relationships.  

I wonder what exactly is the requirements of a good SF work or a good fantasy . . .? For me, both involve a quest, and a logical and rich system of science or magic. (-: I think coming up with a good science system is easy, because you can borrow from real life quite a bit. Magic is tougher, because most people don't do much magic in their everyday lives these days (-:. So, the writer often bases it on old magic that doesn't always resonate with the reader, or make the reader think.



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