[LMB] OT: For Heyer afficionadoes

A. Sasha Wagner-Adamo acswagner at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 12 19:46:36 GMT 2009

On 12 Jan 2009 at 19:03, Michael R N Dolbear wrote:

> Congratulations on finding a copy, they seemed to be fairly rare.
> Me and Pogo on Baen's Bar read them way back.
> The history is that I got into Georgette Heyer in 1973 with A Civil
> Contract (I read The Masqueraders earlier but it didn't trigger
> addiction) and then read every Heyer I could find followed by Jane Aitken
> Hodge then whatever the local library had.
> This included Elsie Lee's An Eligible Connection and Prior Betrothal and
> later a reprint of The Wicked Guardian and I also acquired with some
> trouble Second Season.

I borrowed TNW from the local public library.  I was able to get 
cheap copies of Second Season, The Wicked Guardian and An 
Eligible Connection and they should be in the postal system today 
winging their way to my doorstep, I hope. 

> If you liked her you might also look for Jane Aitken Hodge and :- 
> Joan Aitkin _The Five Minute Marriage_ and others
> Shelia Bishop, _The Wilderness Walk_ etc.

I tried two titles by Joan Aitken Hodge and neither appealed, but if I 
can find the one above, I'll give her another try!  

> And for an upside down, SF riverboat regency, Wen Spencer's A Brother's
> Price.

I read that right when it came out.  I liked it a lot then, but it was one 
of those peculiar things, where the longer I thought about it, the 
less satisfied I was.  Same with Tinker.  A while after reading it, it 
dawned on me that I felt Tinker should have ended up with Pony 
instead of whatshisname.

Thanks for the recommendations.


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