[LMB] OT: Snaffling was Oz slang

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Jan 16 20:14:49 GMT 2009

Matija Grabnar wrote:
> Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>> Aww, c'mon, don't leave a non-Yiddish speaker hanging. What's a 
>> shiksa? (I'd guess it means a non-Yiddish-speaker, but I don't know!)
> A shiksa is a female goy.  ;-)
> Even if she spoke Yiddish, she'd still be a shiksa, unless she converted.

Checking the dictionary, I find:
Quick definitions (*/shiksa/*)

*? /noun/:*  a derogatory term used by Jews to refer to non-Jewish women

This does not address whether someone speaks Yiddish or not.   I see 
conflict in these messages on whether a non-Yiddish speaking Jew is a 

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