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> "But--why arrest Enrique and not Mark?" asked Martya, puzzling through
> all this. She stared down at the stack of flimsies.
> "Don't make suggestions", Kareen. huffed at her under her breath.
> "If you are referring to the dangerous lunatic known as Lord Mark Pierre
> Vorkosigan, Miss, I tried.  Believe me, I tried. I spent a week and a
> half trying to get the documentation. He carries a class III Diplomatic
> Immunity that covers him for nearly everything short of outright murder.
> In addition, I found I had only to pronounce his last name correctly to
> produce the most damn-all stone wall obtuseness from every Barrayaran
> clerk, secreatary, embassy officer, and bureaucrat I encountered. For
> a while I thought I was going mad. At last, I became reconciled to my
> despair."
>So it was both the immunity and the name.  And it was Mark who was
>claiming Enrique was his, under Jacksonian...custom, I think is a
>better term for it than law.

You raced me out with this quote, I had it already
prepared to post, and then I saw this...

Anyways, Enrique is an Escobaran citizen, so he
is subject to Escobaran law wherever he goes.
Until Mark produces enough money to pacify 
Enrique's irate creditors so that they
drop charges, Enrique will have to stay in
Vorkosigan custody to avoid imprisonment. Not 
that he would mind, as long as his girls are 
safe and well fed.

Gustoz was so furious, that it makes me think 
that maybe he or someone of his family also
bought some of the five hundred and eighty
percent. His venture to charge Mark has also
a scent of a private vendetta.


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