[LMB] Argh!!!!

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Tue Jan 27 19:03:54 GMT 2009

[LMB] Argh!!!!
Mary Piero Carey mcarey at starklibrary.org
Tue Jan 27 16:59:32 GMT 2009

Argh!  Double Argh!! My copy has not come in at Borders!  The sweet lady 
I talked to has NO IDEA where they are, as her system shows no copies 
ANYWHERE at any Borders.  "Well, the publisher must have moved it back" 
she says.  "No, I don't think so," says I.  "I know of people who have 
their copy,  when does it show as arriving?"  "There is no arrival date 
showing" she says.

<Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth!>

I don't want to be snowed in tomorrow without the book!

Mary Piero Carey

***  Where computer systems prove confused or uncooperative you can 
always try asking them to search by ISBN.  For Horizon it's

ISBN  978-0-06-137536-1

Of course, she broods, it's also possible that Borders as a chain didn't 
order the book at all...  I second the Argh!, with a few extra 
exclamation points.

Lesson: pre-order, early and often.

Btw, I stopped in at Uncle Hugo's here in Minneapolis this morning to 
sign some stock for them, to supply them till I get back on Feb. 7th for 
the in-store signing.  *They* have a hundred copies.  So if folks want 
to mail order from there, you could get a signed copy.

Hugo's, alas, does not represent the world at large.  Don the owner was 
telling me that although the Steph. Meyer thing sold half a million 
hardcovers last year, Hugo's only accounted for two of those sales.  We 
all live in the long tail, I guess.  (Which at least is getting better 
served these days, I must note.)

    Ta, L.

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