[LMB] Timeline Issues

Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Mon Jul 6 12:43:30 BST 2009

Francis Turner wrote:
> I think a planet that retains a level of technology would keep the
> second and probably the 60 second minute / 3600 second hour because
> too much engineering uses those measurements of time.

As I recall, Her Ladyship has a reference to a meeting (MEM?) that is 
being held at 2530.

As for making clocks match, Nicholas Rosen can likely testify to the 
stubborn endurance of dumb units of measurement. When I was part of team 
that was looking at automating patent submission and review, we were 
given a tour of the place that included the original wooden drawers for 
filing applications. They were made to a size once commonly used in the 
US based on folio/quarto/octo cuts of the day's master sheet dimensions.

As filings increased, they made more same-size drawers. Since the 
growing system had to mix older and newer filings, they stuck with the 
original dimensions, despite the fact that paper manufacturing changed 
technologies to produce rolls that could be machine-cut. In the process, 
sheet dimensions changed. But filing dimensions couldn't change because 
of the drawers. And more obsolete-size drawers were being made all the 

Recently, everyone got over it and moved to electronic filings.

So maybe, as someone else said, the model sticks until it is _so_ broken 
that there is no point in keeping it.

Alex H

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