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Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Tue Jul 7 21:28:41 BST 2009

paal at gis.net wrote:
> That wasn't how it was in the early 1980s... US politics commentary
> regarding changes since the in the US Government and the appointments
> that changed it very ostentatiously notbeing mentioned.... 

At that time, the House Rep. was RINO Connie Morella, who believed that 
her job was to drag home anything vaguely resembled a pork product to 
her district. Which, sadly for the American taxpayer, includes HHS, NIH, 
and NIST.

I suspect there is NIST and NIST. There are many evil minions there with 
dreams of mission creep that are hard to believe.

> I relate that anecdote because it is strong evidence and proof, that
> back then, NIST not only was open to "industry standards" and expertise,
> but was actually referring callers to contact corporate experts in areas
> that NIST personnel felt were the leading edge researchers....  
One of my best bogglement stories is attending an important standards 
meeting (if there is indeed any such thing) where the NIST rep came in 
with a briefcase, which he set on the table and proceeded to open. He 
extracted a racing sheet and a steel ruler, carefully tore the sheet 
with his ruler into small workable sections, and spent the next two 
hours carefully reviewing lineups and circling specific horses.

He was SES.

Alex H

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