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> We are talking here about a serious concern in international strategic 
> politics: tens of millions of cranky young males who can't marry. This 
> is seen as a situation that can seriously destabilize a society.

Jack Cohen (biologist and SF author) pointed out to me that China has had
hundreds if not thousands of years of experience of a skewed sex ratio.
This was caused, we think, by female infanticide and lack of care and
resulted in overall ratios of 1.20:1 male:female. Also up to 99% of adult
females were married, far more than in Europe.

Google found me

Number of Missing Females in China: 1900-2000


Evidence shows that the male-to-female sex ratio during the Qing was
between 1.15:1 and 1.19:1. It remained 1.22:1 in the 1910s, 1.13:1 in the
1930s and 1.12:1 in 1947 (Jiang 1998: 224-6, 229-30 259-60). It declined to
1.07:1 on average in 1949-90 (Tong 2000: 243)

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