[LMB] Toni says she's read it {Frozen Chicken Breath}

Gordon Jackson gsjlistmail at myrealbox.com
Sun Jul 12 03:12:09 BST 2009

While this is a painfully long time to wait, it is, I hope, indicative of a
crowded publication schedule at Baen, long may they prosper. For example I
believe at least two W3bers and two R1ngos are due for publication before

Also of course they probably want to catch the lucrative Christmas market. 



>Toni just posted on Facebook that she'd just finished Lois' new Miles
>"Thought that might catch somebody's eye.... Yes, a pure quill Miles
>She says it is scheduled for November 2010.
>Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I don't think I can wait any harder.

16 months to get a manuscript into production?

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