[LMB] Barnes and Noble e-books announcement

Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Tue Jul 21 21:21:53 BST 2009

My comconsole brought me this letter from Mark Allums:

MA> Ed Burkhead wrote:
>> Barnes and Noble have announced their entry into e-book sales.  They're
>> selling with the Palm format, it looks like, with .pdb and .prc files.
>> Their eReader software is a free download.
>> However, the file format may be modified since B&N's supported device web
>> page only says they now support the iPhone and iPod Touch, the Blackberry,
>> and your PC or Mac.  They say they'll be "adding a bunch in the coming
>> weeks.  Check back soon!"
>> Ed

MA> This has possibilities.  However, I am hoping for a true universal 
MA> format to emerge.  An open-source DRM, if you will.  I suppose that it's
MA> too much to ask for the Barnes&Noble-plus-Palm documents to be read by a
MA> Kindle?

Mobipocket is kind-of-universal. It can be DRMed, but does not have
to. Available on Palms, Windows (including Windows Mobile) most of the
stand-alone ebook Readers (including Kindle [1]).

And the software for both reading and creating Mobipocket ebooks is
available for free.


[1] AFAIK Kindle can read unDRMed Mobipocket files, and the Kindle
format is in fact slightly modified Mobipocket...

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