[LMB] Abuse of the English Language

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sat Jul 25 21:25:54 BST 2009

CatMtn at aol.com (Mary) wrote:

>  I enjoy reading your posts, and have never  noticed 
> you having an excess number of typos.


Then you have never *noticed*, because I spot them all the time in my 
own posts, *after* I have already posted and it's too late to correct 
it.[0]  Grammar, and usage, too, although I don't worry much about the 
usage, because I often deliberately break rules of usage.  One of my 
worst habits is failing to make precedents and antecedents match.

> I recall that part of _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_, too.  Didn't  someone 
> also object to the use of "unalienable rights" as opposed to  "inalienable 
> rights"?  <g>

I believe you are correct.  <g>

Mark Allums

0. I also post in haste[1] and regret in leisure.
1. As Treebeard would say.

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