[LMB] Abuse of the English Language

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Mark  Allums wrote:

> One of my worst habits is failing to make  precedents
> and antecedents match.

.What a clinker!  I  can't believe that anyone who read that failed to 
>point it  out.

>I meant to say, "One of my worst habits of composition is not  matching 
>_____________ to antecedent," where _____________ contains  some other 
>word, a word that won't come to me at the moment.   Predicate?  Object? 
>Noun?  Verb?

Mark  Allums
And here I thought you were making a clever play on words!   It's  the 
pronouns that have to match their antecedents.  Otherwise it can be  hard to 
figure out just which "he" or "she" (or "it") is being referred  to.

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