[LMB] Manic-depressive Miles; was, on topic

Trialia Xua trialia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 13:34:11 BST 2009

Claire Nollet wrote:

> >People with full-blown bipolar I make really bad decisions when they're
> >fully manic.  They're psychotic when they're manic, and the choices they
> >make are bad because their thinking is distorted by the psychosis.  Miles
> >can make bad decisions, like everyone else, but most of his decisions turn
> >out well, even if his solutions are quirky and original.  I don't think
> his
> >outcomes would be consistently successful if he had true mania.  I think
> he
> >does have hypomania -- but I think that's more his hyperactivity.
> >And yes, he does cycle into depressive episodes as well, but they're
> >triggered by real causes almost every time.  With classic bipolar I or II,
> >your moods are not necessarily dependent on outside circumstances.  You
> can
> >cycle into depression or mania/hypomania for no discernible reason.
> >Having said all that, though, your diagnosis of cyclothymia -- what the
> >layperson could term "bipolar II lite" -- does sound more reasonable.  I
> >just don't see Miles as classic bipolar I or II, but he has a few features
> >of those, and cyclothymia/hyperactivity would seem to cover his condition.

I suppose, but my psychiatrist claimed differently about bipolar I and
psychosis. Apparently not everyone has psychosis with bipolar I and that's a
way of distinguishing the types... or so she told me. Idk. It took me long
enough to get pinned to "no specified type"... But yes, I think cyclothymia
is almost a definite with Miles. He certainly has features of both I and II,
and only NOS or cyclothymia could explain that.


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