[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 50, Issue 80

Eileen McConnell phoenixargent at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 21:53:51 BST 2009

>>Ekaterin had dozens of relations back on Barryar. That had to have pulled
>>her back to Barryar.  Also, Miles is rich and titled -- it's a lot easier
>>put up with a sexist planet when you're rich and on top of the social heap
>>than if you're an impoverished widow struggling to break into the work

A good point -- but I think Cordelia, at least, was enough of an "aunt" to
Elena to count, and she was obviously attached to Miles pretty deeply ("I
love you, but I can't be your annex").  I also wonder about the lady who
"raised" her -- can't remember her name, though.  So she wasn't totally
alone except for Miles, even if she didn't have Ekaterin's large family.
(And frankly, most of Ekaterin's family seem like very good reasons to get
off Barrayar in and of themselves!)

Miles's status and wealth are a nice barrier, I agree -- I have never
forgotten Miles quoting Cordelia to Mia Maz (name?): "egalitarians adjust to
a class-based society very easily, as long as they're  the aristocrats"
(VERY rough paraphrasing; sorry -- all my books are in storage!).

I don't know about that being a reason remaining on Barrayar would be
easier, though (aside from the threat of Nicky's guardianship, I guess; but
then, I neither have nor want children, so such a hold would not apply to
me).  I have a large family, mostly located in TN... and this has in no wise
discouraged me from my desire to get out of this wretched state (sorry,
those of you who may like it here) and never return.  I realize that I'll
probably have to come back for the occasional visit (or, *avert* medical
reason, as my parents age); but I hate it here and nothing could make me
stay on a permanent basis, be it love, money, or family ties.

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