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Derry said:
> Actually the range of the wireless device in the Nike/Ipod
> combo is 60
> ft, not several kilometers. 

If so, then it has been reduced since it was introduced, and I apologise to Apple.

Louann said: 
> I'm puzzled a couple of ways here. One, presumably
> someone who fears
> being a stalkee would either not buy the shoes or disable
> the GPS
> broadcast function. (I suppose there would still be
> 'pick a random woman
> and follow her home' worries.)

Yes, when it was revealed, many women afraid of being stalkees changed their minds about buying it.  The alarm was raised by a couple of people who had been unaware that they were being stalked until after they made the purchase and who discovered that they had inadvertently bugged their own shoes for their stalkers' convenience.  The worry was for people in their same situation.

> Two, what is the GPS thingie _supposed_ to accomplish?
> Self-map your
> jogging route?

Pretty much, yeah.  That and log exactly how far you'd gone and your speed while doing so, and from there it could work out your calorie burn and your fitness level.

> Put the shoes on your teenagers so you can
> see where
> they've really been? Put them on a relative with
> dementia so they can't
> wander off? 

I hadn't heard those proposed before, but I can see people doing it, especially for the elderly relative.  Bugging shoes does seem a bit more humane than a leash.


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