[LMB] OT: - Joke. Apologies.

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Mon Mar 2 04:11:31 GMT 2009

kerry weisselberg wrote:
> Paula wrote: "What would Ethan think? What would Bel think?

	Bel, being both hermaphroditic and posessed of "a high taste for low 
comedy" would just jump on the bandwagon and turn it into something to 
"squick the monosexuals with," no doubt.  Probably something involving 
docking ports and/or joystick control of the playback list.
	Ehtan... would probably just shake his head and refuse to be drawn in. 
  Or out.

	And, speaking of:  the webcomic "The Whiteboard" had a minor story arc 
that touched on this, starting with 
	But the culmination of the punchline that's relevant to this thread are 
these two comics:
	That is some *seriously* dangerous coffee.

> I don't know. But I can hazard a guess at what Ivan, or Miles, might think!
> In Ivan's case, it might be "Great, that means I can just twiddle the
> left nipple to select my remotely-beamed "intensive seduction playlist", and
> the right nipple to turn the sound down just right, and I won't have to get
> out of bed to walk over to the stereo. Every woman should have these!"
> Miles: "what was that pulse of data that just got transmitted to the
> stunning lady Ivan's disappeared with? Maybe she's a spy... Impsec might not
> have checked her properly, there are definitely out-of-proportion
> protuberances on her body." He sets his stunner to maximum and tiptoes in
> the direction the oblivious couple went...
> ;) ;)

	Has it ever occurred to anyone that Miles is *so* paranoid, that if he 
weren't so good at sniffing out (or stumbling into) *real* conspiracies, 
he might end up making Made Emperor Yuri looking downright sane?
	That's a scary thought: that Miles needs a certain minimum level of 
real-life conspiracies and cloak&dagger stuff to keep him from 
*inventing* it....
> And:  "I don't see anyone running to post jokes about iPenis and how they
> could now
> be scene in public with their one eye playing ditties beyond tinkle tinkle
> little star.....  (and this only occurred to me in annoyed retaliation just
> now)"

	But endless jokes about fast cars and big guns being "penis 
substitutes."  Heck, TVTropes has an entire Trope page(s) dedicated to 
it: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CompensatingForSomething 
and http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NotCompensatingForAnything
	And it's a trope that hardly gets applied to females.

> David McMillan quoted Walter Bushell, who wrote:
>> Looking at this, the joke is on men. Who else would think women are
>> complaining that men aren't listening to their breast and develop a
>> technology around that.
>  and added:
>  And Apple.  And the whole "I-<whatever>" concept.  Women (as a sex) are
> about the only ones who *aren't* the butt(s) of this joke.
> Thankyou! I, too, thought it was a joke about Apple and their iEverything,

	Sluggy Freelance was (supposedly) selling IPotty and Isophagus (someone 
swallowed a match-head-sized  IPodLing) T-shirts for a while....

> and (uncouth) men not listening to women but staring inappropriately, and
> then misunderstanding and wrongly taking the "them" to refer to the breasts
> and not the women, and looking for a technical solution rather than "maybe
> we should stop staring at their breasts and actually pay attention to what
> the ladies in question are saying."
> And if that level of deconstruction doesn't kill the joke, nothing will!
> Anyway, I will keep any jokes I find to myself from now on, for which I am
> sure many people will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

	Nah, just for the OT: header properly, and then Paula can simply 
killfile anything you send with that header.

> kerry

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