[LMB] Large Ereaders & Purses

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Tue Mar 3 18:44:11 GMT 2009

Mary Piero Carey wrote:
> And Ed, no I can't buy a large ereader. . . . and I wouldn't trust my 
> portable reading to an electronic device on a bet.  


I can understand that and can sympathize.  I really like having a book to
feed to my hyperactive mind when the outside world is in slow mode.  For my
book to fail does, in fact, leave me bereft (whether it's my e-book or
misplacing or damaging my current paperback).

But, I do trust my portable movement to computers - the electronics in my
car.  (You should have seen my rage as I hand pushed my Ford Tempo down the
road when it failed *again* two blocks from the shop which, supposedly, had
just fixed its computer. [It's a good thing it was very level or I might not
have survived the heart attack!])  Yet, I've driven about a half million
miles, now, with computer controlled cars.

I trust my portable audio, both audible books and music, to an electronic

The electronics in my cell phone has encouraged me to do trail hiking in
local parks for exercise as I'm by myself and want to be able to call for
help if I break my leg, head or have a survivable heart attack.  I'm
trusting that electronic device.

All these devices have been amazingly reliable as they were designed for
robust portable use.

And, my Sony Reader seems to be pretty well designed and robust.  If it does
die on me someday when I'm out and about, I guess I'll have to plug in my
ear buds and listen to an audible book on my old iPod.

(Suspenders, belt and a length of rope in my pocket)

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