[LMB] left-right, was Directions

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Mar 6 20:17:30 GMT 2009

Ed Burkhead wrote:
> But the left/right issue isn't likely to come up.  It doesn't matter in
> cruise.  In the traffic pattern, the airplane enters so the pilot, who sits
> in the left seat, is on the airport side of the plane so as to best see the
> airport and judge the landing pattern.

I know of an airplane landing on a taxi way (I forget where).   The left 
runway was short and started half way past the start of the right 
runway.   The pilot saw two strips of concrete (not tarmac), and landed 
on the right one.

Without that mistake, we still have to know the difference between 13L 
and 13R.

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