[LMB] OT: Shoes

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 12 14:45:24 GMT 2009

Mitch Miller
> From: Trialia Xua <trialia at gmail.com>
> /////
> Getting shoes in England is just a pain if you don't fit the average
> sizing
> scale... Clarks are painfully expensive and they're one of a very few
> suppliers who actually do half sizes. I have collapsed arches and my feet
> are not both the same size - one is 5-and-a-half and the other 6, so I
> often
> end up in size 6 shoes that slip on one foot because buying half sizes is
> just out of my budget... Yay for ankle-supportive boots?
> /////
> Zappos.com.  Assuming they will ship to the UK.  Their shipping is free in
> the US, but for money, why not.
> Mitch Miller

Hmm - I find it way easier to find well-fitting shoes for my small, square
feet in Britain than in Canada - don't try shoe-shopping in Canada, Tria!

Great suggestion, Mitch - but if there's one thing people with odd-shaped
feet just don't do, it's mail-order shoes.  I find that even with a brand
that I'm familiar with, and knowing which styles are most likely to work, I
still have to try on several pairs before finding a good fit - if I can find
anything at all.

And I long ago resigned myself to shoe shopping at my local specialty shoe
store that 'fits the hard-to-fit', which generally means paying at least
$100 a pair unless I'm lucky enough to find something on the sales.


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