[LMB] LQ #51: Komarr (Thurs. March 12th, 2009)

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Thu Mar 12 17:59:55 GMT 2009

> List Question (LQ) #51: Komarr (Thurs. March 12th, 2009)
> Do you like or dislike the book _Komarr_, and why?

What's not to like?

I adore _Komarr_.  I'm an Ekaterin fan for starters (and, to a lesser 
degree, I get a big kick out of Lord Auditor Vorthys, who reminds me of my 
dad the engineer in some ways).  I love watching Miles go all giddy over 
Ekaterin, just one book after all his mental snarkery over Gregor going 
through exactly the same thing.  There's something incredibly satisfying 
about watching Ekaterin escape Tien (it brings back triumphant memories of 
my own).  And watching her save the day.  I like Nikki, too.

And, to agree with Natali, the girlfriend litany is worth the price of 
admission all by itself.  Not to mention "Shopping?  That's an offer seldom 
made to the son of my mother."  And the whole shopping sequence, for that 

It's the middle book of my favorite three of the series, too.  It almost 
even makes up for _Memory_ just having ended.


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