[LMB] LQ #51: Komarr

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Fri Mar 13 19:15:50 GMT 2009

Quoting Harimad <harimad2001 at yahoo.com>:
> I forgot to mention that I'm not a fan of Miles getting Nikki out of  
>  the bathroom.  It bugged me that a stranger knows Kat's child  
> better  than she does.  Now if the parent in question were  
> inattentive,  insensitive, absent - i.e., if the parent were Tien -  
> then it  wouldn't bother me.  But Kat's a good parent, better than  
> she gives  herself credit for, so this scene doesn't work for me.[1]

That scene didn't bother me at all - often my kids have listened  
better to other people than they do to me (very frustrating when the  
other person says THE EXACT SAME THING I just said and the kid listens  
to them where they refused to hear me).  Miles could call on a level  
of identification with Nikki that Ekaterine couldn't match - his  
misfit appearance made his "mutation" obvious, which Nikki's was  
obviously not, so Nikki could clearly see that his coping strategy  
might have some value.


Jane Starr

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