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On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:39:02 -0600, "Wenrich, William A" <wawenri at sandia.gov>
> In light of the discussions over the last few weeks, this may be interesting:


> William A Wenrich

Interesting discussion going on there, especially in light of the Barnes & Noble purchase of Fictionwise.com. A bit of this continues to be confusion of the device with the formats. There is no reason for anybody to be locked in to Kindle's format, when Mobipocket's .prd and Palm's .pdb are free-as-in-beer and .fb2 for FBReader is free-as-in-speech.

If I were a writer, I could self-publish in any of these formats, even encrypting the .prc files ... I think I might have to pay Mobipocket a fee if I sold encrypted .prc files, but I don't know.

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