[LMB] Nicki and Pyms kid

D. Reed teluekh at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 15 02:12:41 GMT 2009

--- On Sat, 3/14/09, dreitman at spiritone.com <dreitman at spiritone.com> wrote:

> Miles is very much on record as opposing allowance of Salic
> descent, primarily because it would put the Vorkosigans in
> potential conflict with the imperial line.  He almost
> certainly would not suggest Helen Natalia as his heir.
> As for serving as voting deputy for Aral Alexander, I would
> expect Ivan to be the obvious candidate.

It's not like Miles was going to stop having kids with the twins, either, although he might not go for the full dozen he was threatening. He almost surely has at least one other son, maybe more.


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