[LMB] What drew me to Bujold?

William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Sun Mar 15 21:25:03 GMT 2009

>Or, rephrased: what is it that drew you to the Bujold novels?? What other
authors do you like? 

I started reading Lois from the Analog stories. What I liked most was her
characterizations and specifically that Miles wasn't the standard 6'2" hunk
with broad shoulders and piercing eyes. So he has the eyes.

I read a lot of different things most SF (RAH, DW, IA), Mystery (Nero Wolf,
Brother Cadfael, George Gideon), Apologetics, Politics, History, and
biography. Most fantasy left me cold (Not Lois).  I often felt that the
stories were too wide open. Anything could happen. The authors did not have
to be honest with the readers. (I'm thinking about Robert Jordan.) The
fantasy I like is written like SF. The author starts with the premise (even
an impossible one) and sticks to it.
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