[LMB] LQ #51: Komarr and parenting

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 10:01:26 GMT 2009

On 3/16/09, Meg Justus <mmegaera at nwlink.com> wrote:
> Happens in public libraries all the time (parents dropping kids off and
> leaving).  What no one seems to realize is that a library is even more of a
> public space than a retail shop
> Megaera

But, but, but... Is that not okay?  Some of my favorite memories of
chidhood are of my mom dropping me off at the library and leaving me
there for hours!

Okay, I don't remember how old I was, but I'm sure in my teens,
possibly earlier.

I was always a mature child, and our suburban library was a very safe
place.  I always regretted it was just a bit too far to walk there,
otherwise I'd have been there a lot more often.

Admittedly, we did much more often just stop there and then I'd get
books and leave, but it was so much fun to be able to spend hours
there.  And my mom wasn't and still isn't big on reading in English.
Tamil, on the other hand, you should see how many books she buys in
India and then takes home every visit.  ;-p

Then again, I was also allowed (encouraged) to go out and play by
myself or with friends the same age from the time I was 6.  Including
the local park (which wasn't that often, I guess) which was the next
road over and up the street a bit.

Different times, I guess.  I'm not sure yet what I'll do with Sean.
He's three now, and that's an age my mom was letting me run off with
the neighborhood kids. Again, another safe suburban neighborhood.  A
gang of kids of all ages apparently hung out together and they took
care of the little ones, so she wasn't worried.  Then again, she's not
the worrier in the family.  And we don't really know any of the
neighbors or their kids. Oh well.

I do sometimes leave Sean in the baby book/kids section of the library
and look at my own books -- but they're not big libraries and I can
see him across the room. Plus, he can come find me easy enough and I
can definitely hear him if he gets bored with the books.



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