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> All right, with April 1 coming up and all...
> What sort of scurrilous gossip/yellow journalism/tabloid articles
> would/could be written about characters from the Vorkosiverse?



In a stunning revelation, Jacksonian biosculpturist "Vlad the Creator"
tells The Weekly World News* that the elusive "Bat Boy" spotted variously on
Earth was really an escaped creation of Vor genetics experiments to
create the perfect airborne soldier.  Vlad goes on to say that "Bat Boy" was
to be able to silently drop down on his victims in the middle of the night,
in the best Vor fashion.  Auditor Vorkosigan, widely believed to have had
creature cloned, had no comment.

I know it isn't exactly yellow journalism, but I had to...

*for several years the Weekly World News ran stories about a Bat Boy they
had gimmicked up.  I use the headline and pic in my media interactions
lecture for cave rescue.

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