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> At 09:39 PM 3/27/2009, Andrew Barton wrote:
>>Samantha Banker <chame at cox.net>
>>> _40,000 in Gehenna_ was strange, but good.  It's actually referenced in
>>_Cyteen_.  A planet is seeded with azi and a few "bornmen."  The azi
>>alone survive.  As time goes on, the society grows stranger and stranger
>>to "normal" humans. <
>>It's my theory that it's also referred to in the 'Chanur' series.  The 
>>humans there have a way of getting through methane-breather space, while 
>>none of the locals can communicate well enough to manage this.  Maybe it's 
>>the strange humans that acted as intermediaries?
> It's been much too long since I read Cherryh novels, but wasn't there 
> something about humans couldn't take whatever happened when they make an 
> FTL transition between stars, and therefore always drugged down, whereas, 
> as I remember, Chanur and her crew didn't have that problem, nor did their 
> human (Tully?).  They may have had a different technology.

Um.  Humans -generally needed tranquilizers, and hani, too... there are 
exceptions, however--see the fourth Chanur book, and Tripoint, regarding the 
exceptions... though in the first Chanur books, I seem to recall that one of 
the abuses visited on Tully was putting him through Jump with no medication. 

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