[LMB] (Real world analog to) Tien and Ekaterin

Zivya A zivya_a at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 17:40:28 GMT 2009

>Ekaterin's uncle is easily one of the hundred most important people ...

does she realize that the professor is that important, or did that happen after Tien stopped most of contact with the real world?

>Ekaterin's situation is not in any way comparable to your average abused Barrayaran woman who may really have no place to go. She doesn't have to walk four days in her bare feet to the magistrate to plead her case. She does not need to rely on a restraining order (and Tien's not actually violent). Her issue is that she won't ask for help, or even accept it when Miles freely offers, not that help won't be effective. For many abused women, their abuser can still get to them if they seek help. 

she may not have to walk barefoot, but that she doesn't belive she is running out of choices.  she -does- realize that nicky is running out of time, and is making plans for that day.

as for asking for help - if her husband thinks she's a piece of junk, why would a stranger help her?   it has always astonished me the news stories i read, where a fourteen year old asks for help bec dad is abusing a younger sister.  it comes to light that the teen has also been abused and never asked for help bec ---dad said she deserved to be hurt---.  and the teen believed dad.    but teen also knows the younger child is 'good' and doesn't deserve abuse, and so calls the cops.  or resorts to the heavy frying pan method of justice...  

ekaterin isn't not -willing- to ask for help.  she just doesn't believe it exists.



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