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>> George Vaughan wrote:
> GV > > If, in each of those situations, you break the law
> GV > > for your personal advantage, then you have dishonored
> GV > > yourself by breaking the law.
> Seems to me this is largely subjective and contextual - many people, like 
> conscientious objectors or draft resistors or suffragettes, feel it a 
> matter of honour that they must break the law.  They often go to jail for 
> their principles.  But laws are broken.
> People who have broken laws (in fact and fiction) include Robin Hood, 
> George Washington, Giordano Bruno, Louis Riel, Jean Valjean - people 
> considered heroes.  Was it to their advantage?  Depends how you define 
> 'advantage'.
> Howard said:
> HB > I find that Righteous people cause quite a bit of the worst
> HB > evils in  this world.    It is interesting that Jesus chose
> HB > to be good over being  Righteous.    But it's so much easier to be
> HB > Right.
> I am completely baffled by that sentence which, even though it's written 
> in English, doesn't use words I understand.  What differentiation are you 
> making between good, Righteous, and Right?  Does that differ from 
> righteous and right?  What do you think it's easy to be right?

This thread has stuff in it which is creeping me out--one of them is having 
to -think- about Ekaterin in terms of "because she bought into the values 
and attitudes of the society she was raised in AND KEPT THOSE VALUES, she 
acceded to life in a bad marriage."  OUCH!    Just reading the book I didn't 
have that explictly in my face and conditioning me.  Yes, I was aware that 
she had an investment and buy-in to Barrayaran mores and values, and was 
keeping them, and looked like a candidate for the role of Lady Vorkosigan 
provided Tien went out an exit door in some fashion, but.... 

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