[LMB] LQ #70: Bujold & genre (Tues. Oct. 6th, 2009)

Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Thu Nov 5 16:51:43 GMT 2009

Paula Lieberman wrote:
> Ivan getting hit with it by Elli after his 
> treatment of her when her face was destroyed, I appreciated--he'd earned the 
> deprecation.  And my view of Ivan remains flavored by his treatment of women 
> and exploitive shallowness and disregard for them as people etc. from 
> Warrior's Apprentice in particular.  His offensive behavior towards Elli in 
> it was characteristic.... someone acting that way, earned rebuking.  Ivan in 
> love and clueless and getting made a humor butt, worked for me, but not 
> Miles.... 

Ivan is just...Ivan. We know that he has been clueless forever. However, 
there is somebody at home behind the pretty face, and he is finally 
growing up in _Mirror Dance_. We even see him start to flower in _ACC_. 
At least he's not his father. And if it is true than children inherit 
their mother's intelligence (which, one must admit, explains a lot about 
history), he's likely sharper than we know yet.

Life has been pretty easy for Ivan. He's going to have to sink or swim, 
now that his mother is busy elsewhere.

Alex H

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