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>> ... What is the phrase, grace and humility? No I don't think
>> "Grace and favour", Marilyn.
> Thank you! I knew it was something like that =) I just couldn't remember
> the exact phrase and had no idea how to actually look it up.
> I find that I sort of miss the old social network conventions like this.
> People took care of their own. of course if you are out of a social
> network now, there is at least welfare and medicare...

"Paula Lieberman"
That depends... the "old social network conventions" "took care of me," oh 

sure -- it subjected me to eleven years of physical and emotional abuse. 
Ptui on that. And somehow I don't think that the victim of Prince Serg and 

Ges Vorrutyer and Richar would have agreed about the good deal they were 
getting out of the social contracts on Barrayar.... 

NEW -- JRJ>The "old social network conventions" were not a "no sparrow 
shall fall" sure thing, but when/where they did work, they were kinda nice. 
 Remember the group conversation in Sayers' "Gaudy Night" where the college 
administrators carefully considered the needs of all their dependents and 
worked out a strategy to help everybody?  A utopian episode in that piece 
of fiction, and of course dystopia is more likely in unmitigated real life. 
 Networking by Gov't is a crude substitute, but the best we're likely to 

Entwife Judy
Who, as mentioned before, enjoys inhabiting that kind of world by reading 
about it.
...And ignores the very real possibility that Sayers' good ladies would 
have disdained her as being one of the "unworthy poor"

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