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Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Fri Nov 6 04:45:29 GMT 2009

At 12:36 PM -0500 11/4/09, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>Ekaterin was embracing the Barrayaran patriarchy, despite 
>having been abused by it in her marriage to Tien.  Hmm, I suppose that that 
>might be one of my issues with Ekaterin's story, that here is the society 
>which trapped her in a bad marriage, but here she is, embracing continuing 
>to stay within it... 

Hm. (As a note, not arguing with you about this, but it made me think,
if you see what I mean...) I'm not sure Ekaterin sees herself as...
hm. I'm not sure she sees the system as entirely broken. At the core.
Yeah, the "in the castle, honorable suicide," yes, I recall she has
some snarky things to think about that.

But I think she does value honor, even though it nearly chewed her up
and spat out bones. (Like Mark, she goes for the crazy honor-mad little
"mutant"?) And there is that Honor meme floating around the Vor.

I think... Ekaterin values the female side of the system, when it's
working. Her desire to be part of the generational tapestry. It's not
that the system failed her, I think, in her mind... It's that _Tien_
failed her. And perhaps she failed herself?

I wonder... Without the crazy, honor-mad, short paladin running around,
would Ekaterin have decided that the system was failing her, after all?
Or does Miles exemplify... the best of the system, in his little "mutie"
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