[LMB] LQ sidebar: reading 5GU out of order

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 6 14:21:30 GMT 2009

Elizabeth McCoy wrote:
> Hm. I think that HH is best read -- for me, at least -- with a realization
> of when the plot got wrenched around. I think there are shadows of the
> original (probably very intrigue-filled) plot, up at the front... And then
> BAM! Court intrigue? Nope! Too busy! FWOOSH!
> There is a slight bait-and-switch feel to it, but I did like the end
> bits enough not to feel _cheated_... But... switched.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
I did not like HH as much, I did not find Ingrey as resonant to me, 
though I really loved Fafa and his Prince ... I got an almost Fahfard 
feel off him. The first Fafhard I read was the one about the ice women 
... probably why I really liked him. I would really like to see a book 
about he and what happens when he gets home with his priest. I do wonder 
what the priest is like that went back with him! I hope he has warm undies!

I also didn't like it as much because it was not in the same timeframe 
as the other 2 books. There was sort of a disconnect there for me.

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