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> Beth:
> > Didn't everyone see things in a blur? Wasn't that
> normal?
> "Mother, Mother, there's leaves on the trees!"  Me at
> age seven, walking out 
> of the optometrist's with my first pair of glasses perched
> on my nose.

I think that must be the standard reaction.  I was nine, and apparently my face was utterly aglow with the realisation.  Mum said that she now realises that I drew trees with a green glow around the branches because that's the way I saw leaves.

A note to Tora: DON'T ASSUME THAT SEAN'S VISION IS FINE BECAUSE HE RECOGNISES EVERYTHING.  I was/am *incredibly* good at picking out what objects were and where they were by simple pattern recognition and a good memory - "that is blue and looks like my jacket, it is a blue jacket" - so nobody twigged I had a problem till the teacher told Mum she'd seen me squinting at my schoolbooks.


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