[LMB] OT: Vision (was Parenting, Ekaterin)

Suzette Petty suzettepetty at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 12 03:08:08 GMT 2009

I'll add another data point: I have one eye nearsighted, one eye farsighted, and didn't get real glasses until I almost failed my vision test for my driver's license at 16 (had glasses in 6th grade that were "reading glasses" to correct a "lazy eye").  When we picked up my glasses, I was amazed at how you can tell individual leaves from far away on trees. I could see them closer, but a tree didn't have anywhere near the same high definition without glasses.  Since my first pair of glasses were "reading" glasses, they didn't help with tree leaves at all  [My sixth grade reading teacher caught onto the vision problem because I would shut one eye to read a book, and shut the other one to read the board. Who knew you were supposed to use both eyes to focus, instead of having one eye for each task? It might also explain why I did so poorly at sports in school (poor depth perception, especially at speed)]. 


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