[LMB] A $90 eReader

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Mon Nov 23 12:43:27 GMT 2009

> Ed Burkhead observes:-
>  >I see the screen as the main limiting factor.  It's not
>  >electronic ink like the major players on the market so it
>  >won't be nearly as readable. But, it is cheap.

James responded:
> They're quite readable except in strong light - and you can
> read them in the dark or under the bedclothes (backlit).
> Shorter life per charge, though.

Glad to hear the $90 reader is easy to read in most lighting conditions.

Me, I spend lots more time in sunlight than trying to read in the dark
so I'm happy with the lack of backlighting on my Sony PRS-505.

In quite dim conditions, I can switch to large font and read comfortably
enough.  On the few occasions I've wanted to read in the dark-dark, I've
pulled out one of my headband led flashlights for completely comfortable
long-term reading.  (Those headband flashlights are very cheap these
days and, for reading, even the dimmest are adequate.)

I'm glad the e-book readers are starting to creep into the $90 price
range.  Given the lower cost (usually) of e-books, the break-even point
would come very quickly for me at that price.


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