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> Tel wrote:
>> It's clear that something actually went wrong with Allison's growth, 
>> because if she was just naturally short Honor would be somewhere in the 
>> low five foot range instead of (sex-adjusted) taller than her dad.

The genetic dart does all sorts of interesting things.... the daughter of a 
first cousin is much closer to my height (short) than her mother or her 
uncles (tall)... my mother was short, but one of her grandfathers was a six 
foot redhead.  My father's mother and all her siblings were under 5' tall... 
their descendants range from under 5' to over 6'.  There are families which 
include people who are 6'8" and people who are 4'8"....

> Artifact of prolong? Some families are naturally shorter than others. I
> know american born orientals that are small, and I doubt that many kids
> born in the 60s and 70s in small city america had nutritional issues
> given how fast communities are at feeding kids school breakfasts and
> lunches back at that time [whether we wanted to eat them or not ... and
> being forced to drink milk, blargh. Milk needs to be ice cold, in a
> glass not a carton and with some fruit, not annoyingly nasty sort of
> chocolate might be cookies...]

The milk the elementary-school-from-hell I was jailed in tried to force kids 
to drink was WARM whole milk in refrigeratored cartons that had been out 
since the morning, and was -spoiled-.  I -refused- to.  I was not aware way 
back then that as a baby I'd been unable to digest whole milk and had been 
fed skim milk, but I had sufficiently negative reactions to the 
thought/reality of  the disgusting stuff in the cartons that I was able to 
make my refusal stick... they couldn't -force- me to drink it, and finally 
stopped trying.  (I don't remember the details...)

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