[LMB] OT: Hard SF request/height

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Mon Nov 23 18:06:45 GMT 2009

Paula Lieberman wrote:
> The genetic dart does all sorts of interesting things.... the daughter of a 
> first cousin is much closer to my height (short) than her mother or her 
> uncles (tall)... my mother was short, but one of her grandfathers was a six 
> foot redhead.  My father's mother and all her siblings were under 5' tall... 
> their descendants range from under 5' to over 6'.  There are families which 
> include people who are 6'8" and people who are 4'8"....

There are both genetic and environmental anomalies.    Checking the 
heights of U.S. presidents, we find Lyndon Johnson was a half inch 
shorter than Abraham Lincoln.
Thomas Jefferson was an inch shorter than Johnson, and a half inch 
taller than George Washington, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, & Barack 
Obama (And Arthur & FDR).

Not a lot of difference, but in photos Lincoln towered over his 
contemporaries.    The others did not.

For some reason the average height of people in Lincoln's time was much 
shorter than the average height of people in Washington's time and in in 
my time.     That reason is probably diet.

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