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> Ed Burkhead wrote:
> > Tel,
> >
> > I think you're reading too much into the "2/3rds"
> height description.
> >
> > People exaggerate for effect.
> >
> > If Honor is 6'2" (quick guess without looking it up),
> and heavily
> > muscled, then a 5' or 5' 2" mother could easily weigh
> half as much and
> > just SEEM like she's only 2/3rds as big as her
> daughter.
> >
> >   
> I tend to think of "big" as weight.   2/3 as
> heavy is much more likely 
> than 2/3 as tall.

That's not how Weber's writing it, though. It's specifically height, and it's repeated many years later in another book. Allison's certainly no taller than Katherine Mayhew, who's 4'7". 

It's not just the heights, the entire family is this massive concordance of extraordinarily unlikely biology. There's the one in however-billion of Honor's psi skills, her spontaneous anti-regen mutation, her mother's very unlikely height, her own very unlikely height, the probability of a very short Asian woman conceiving fraternal twins... 

Individually all these are plausible. Collectively it all gets very very silly. It's not my job as a reader to reinterpret an author's books so they make sense. I take them as they are. :)


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