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Wed Nov 25 18:21:49 GMT 2009

"Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net> wrote:
> Once upon a time  the NBA didn't recruit players who weren't raised in 
> North America.... increasing the pool of eligibles means that even if there 
> is no increase in height over time, there are a larger number absolutely of 
> tall-at-the-extremes in the candidate pool... China has a fifh or so of the 
> world's population, that fifth wasn't considered for the pool back in when 
> Mikan was playing, which was when? Also, was that before or after 
> desegregation in the USA?!  A large proportion of the very tall NBA  
> players have dark skin... there were teams which refused to hire anyone who 
> looked non-Caucasian.   ("No quaddies allowed!) 

Presenting an urban myth.

The NBA desegregated before baseball.  A few exhibitions in which the top teams lost to the Harlem Globetrotters did wonders.

Also, the reason the NBA didn't recruit in China until Yao Ming was, to a large extent, Chinese disapproval.  It took substantial negotiations to clear Yao being allowed to enter the draft.

Dan, ad nauseam

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