[LMB] OT: Hard SF request/height

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Wed Nov 25 19:19:28 GMT 2009

At 01:43 PM 11/24/2009, Alex Haropulos wrote:
>Jelbelser wrote:
>> There is a huge number of things that can interfere with growth.  Not 
>> all of them are obvious.
>A college friend was 6'2" at 13 years. His horrified parents took him to 
>a doctor who removed his pituitary gland. His younger brother was not 
>similarly treated, at came out 6'3".
>Talk about sibling rivalry!
>My father attained his adult height, 6'2", at age 14. He said it was 
>socially awkward. He entered college at 16, and said that it was 
>difficult to interact with people because, based on his height and IQ, 
>people thought he was older than he was.
>Ah yes. 16, High IQ and, in my case, big bazooms. Same diff.

I knew a college freshman who was 16.  That's only two years from the normal age (of 18) of graduates of a high school, close enough to get along.  I could have even handled the beer parties when I was 16, myself.

As an aside, my spouse graduated from high school and went to college at age 17--but high school in her town was only three years at that time, so total schooling was 11 years, not 12.

Regards, Pete
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