[LMB] OT: Print on demand and self publishing

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 29 22:04:23 GMT 2009

mtraber251 wrote

> I find myself boggled by people who seem to have no ability to
> concentrate, and must have absolute quiet to do something ... sleep or
> study ... I can [and have] curl up in a spot in an airport or hospital
> emergency room and gone to sleep, I can study in the middle of a
> multiperson argument [or a busy airport, or an emergency room]. I can
> watch TV in a hubbub as long as the closed captioning/subtitles are on
> or it is a talking head fest and I can read lips without people walking
> in front of me.

Boggle away, then.  It's not something people have control over, and I
definitely need peace and quiet to read or, more particularly, to write.  I
don't think I actually have ADD, but it's certainly one of the hallmarks of
ADD sufferers that they find it very difficult to filter out distractions.
If I'm writing and I'm distracted I have to go right back to the beginning
of the section, re-read it and get myself back into the 'zone' before I can

If I'm reading I can, to an extent, filter out extraneous noise on a good
day - but only if it's something like traffic or machine hum or something
that doesn't capture my attention.  However, I far, far prefer silence.  I
don't think that's all that unusual.


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