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> Contemporary composers might be better paid than composers of the past were. 
> Some orchestra commission works for playing by contemporary composers. 
> Contemporary composers have organizations available such as ASCAP and BMI, 
> though the payments go by metrics that reward pop music composers of high 
> selling CDs and whose work used used in commercial media of commercials, on 
> TV shows, etc. --the common fees paid by events for blanket rights for 
> music, doesn't go according to what actually gets played or performed, but 
> gets divvied out according the commercial pop music play charts... you, too, 
> can provide income to Michael Jackson's children without hearing any music 
> which Michael Jackson's estate owns the rights on--and the people whose 
> music does get played, might get nothing because they don't have any but 
> completely neglible sales that get measured in whatever ASCAP and BMI use to 
> determine payment algorithms.... 

As a member of a folk chorus who pay the going rate in performance royalties, yeah, that is absolutely true ... I find it bewildering that our performances of Stan Rogers and Pete Seeger tunes, for example, go into a pool that pays mostly pop songwriters. Stan's estate and Pete S. are not getting rich off us, I can tell you. And recorded-performance royalties, of course, are even more bizarre ... Achmet Ertegun and Richard Branson and their ilk make the money there, not the artists, unless like McCartney and the late Mr Jackson they deliberately buy up rights. Book publishing is much more honest by comparison.

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