[LMB] OT: Print on demand and self publishing

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Mon Nov 30 16:10:22 GMT 2009

Zivya A wrote:
> Any more, if I'm going to watch TV or a DVD, I need to be working on a jigsaw puzzle or embroidery project at the same time. I need something to do with my hands while the show's on.Kevin
I don't do as much that is background.    I do listen to radio while 
driving, and I believe I am far more aware of traffic than most people, 
so it's not that I can't multi-task.   (And being a pilot is all about 
multi-tasking - back when I was flying)  But when I'm reading I want to 
pay full attention to what I'm reading.   Or when I'm watching TV (this 
last week I watched the Broncos once), I want to pay attention to what 
I'm watching.

I know some people who have their TV on full time, even when they have 
company or are hosting cub scouts.    That's not me, if I can't listen 
to it, it's just noise, and I have no particular desire for noise.

I'm a computer programmer by profession, and need to think about what 
I'm doing, but I have a cubicle and hear what's going around me.   I 
don't get startled when someone approaches me.   It's not that I can't 
hear two things at once - it's that I'm not as good at listening to two 
things at once that I'd like to be.    I don't want to realize that a 
song I like just played and I only half-listened to it.

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