[LMB] OT: CRU leak

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Mon Nov 30 18:16:56 GMT 2009

At 11:31 PM 11/29/2009, William A Wenrich wrote:
>Greg Hennessy wrote:
><Bill Wenrich>
>> More importantly, the whole (next ice age, global warming, anthropogenic
>> climate change) issue has left the realm of science and become religion.
><The whole issue has not left the realm of science. Some of the
>people both supporting and denying the issue are arguing not from
>scientific views. But there is still lots of good science being done.
>And unfortunately, some bad science.>
>I'm sorry if I was unclear. In science, as I and some others define it,
>basic data is checked outside the original publishers. The code used in
>modeling and projections is open to be checked for errors. When errors are
>found, and some errors are almost always found, they are evaluated and
>Climate science seems to have degenerated to personal attacks and quoting
>authorities. If a person disagrees with the "consensus", they are obviously
>stupid "flat earthers" and any journal that prints their articles must be
>shunned and not quoted. 
>There is good science being done on both sides of the issue, any part of the
>issue, but it is being drowned out by partisans that "know the truth and
>don't want to be distracted by facts."

A lot of organizations seem to believe that taking measures to improve CO2 emissions will cost them money, and they thereby go looking for studies that seem to support their point of view.  Since these studies can be commissioned, and the studiers hide behind seemingly impartial organization names, it is extremely difficult for the average person to discern who is quoting truth, and who is spouting arguments.

Ghod knows, there are enough issues out there that have become politicized!  Not just global warming.

Regards, Pete
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